In this ongoing series where I pick an all-time roster of Virginia-born ballplayers, we look at the 2nd OF spot.

Joining Michael Cuddyer in the starting OF of TEAM VIRGINIA-The Covington Crusher, Covington-native Jim Lemon.

Lemon played for 4 teams over the course of his career, but is probably best known for his exploits with the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins. During his run with them, (1954-1962), he played in 915 of his 1010 major league games, and hit 159 of his 164 career homers to go with 509 of his 529 career RBIs. He was in the Top 10 in the league in HRs four times and in EBH twice. He also hit a league-leading 11 triples in 1956, and was a 1960 AL All-star.

Lemon was inducted into the Virginia Sports HOF in 1988.

Jim Lemon passed away from cancer at his home in Mississippi on May 14, 2006.

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