Cuddyer on a roll lately

When free agent outfielder Michael Cuddyer (Chesapeake) signed with the Mets this past winter, he wanted to come home to the East Coast and relished at the chance to play along side fellow Hampton Roads native David Wright. While Wright has missed the better part of the season with injuries, Cuddyer has continued to try and be the key bat for a Mets squad that has some playoff expectations in ’15.

Cuddyer had a solid April to start the season, went into a brief slump, but appears to be getting his hitting stroke back now.

Cuddyer went a combined 0-7 on May 2 and 3, walking once. Since then, as of May 17th, he has not had back-to-back hitless games. He has hit safely in 9 of those 11 games since, and as of April 29 he has not had back-to-back games where he failed to get on base. In other words, he has had only 3 games since 4/29 where he has not gotten on base, and when that happened, the next game he has gotten on base.


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