Joe Saunders heading back to the Pacific Northwest

Joe Saunders (Springfield/Virginia Tech) won 17 games with the Angels in 2008 and made the AL All-Star Team, and won 16 games the following season. But he has fallen on considerable hard times since. He has not posted an above-.500 record since. He has bounced around from Anaheim to Arizona, to Baltimore, to Seattle, to Texas, and finished the 2014 season back in Baltimore, where he pitched 6 games in relief and posted a horrendous ERA over 13.

During his 2013 run in Seattle, he started 32 games and posted an ERA of 5.26, but did manage to win 11 games, an accomplishment that Mariners brass took note of, as they have now signed him to a minor league contract for the 2015 season. The Mariners are expecting huge things in 2015 after falling one game short of the Wildcard in ’14, and their starting rotation for Opening Day is set, so Saunders will go in to camp with a chance to compete for the second lefty spot in the bullpen.


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