Justin Upton on the move?

Is there any doubt now that the Atlanta Braves are rebuilding and basically starting over from scratch? With a new head baseball guy in charge of player personnel moves (John Hart), the Braves began retooling this winter by trading Jason Heyward. Now, they reportedly are not done.

CBS Sports.com and Yahoo Sports are reporting that the Braves intend to trade slugger OF Justin Upton (Chesapeake), and one executive even says that it will not be if, but a matter of time before he is moved. If the Cardinals think they got Heyward for a cheap price, any team that wants Upton will not be so lucky. The Braves reportedly will ask for a huge return, in fact bigger than the one they got for Heyward.

Where could Upton land? Several teams have inquired about Upton, including the Astros and Rangers, but I am predicting that he will end up in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle Mariners tried to pry him from Arizona before he got shipped to Atlanta, and they have the depth in pitching prospects that the Braves really covet as they begin rebuilding and planning for their scheduled move to their new stadium in suburban Cobb County in 2017.

Last year, Upton hit .270 with 29 HR and 102 RBIs. He is a 2-time all-star and 2-time Silver Slugger.

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