Richmond wraps up the division title, home field advantage in 1st round of playoffs!!!

 They are celebrating in Virginia’s Capital City!

 The Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, clinched their first-ever division title last night. RF Mario Lisson had two hits and two RBIs in a 2-1 win over Binghamton, which initially gave them a tie for the division title. Then, Lisson and the rest of the Squirrels had to wait, along with about 100 fans left in the stands, for the result of the Akron-Erie game, whose last two innings were broadcast over the PA system at the Diamond. When the game went final, a 14-4 Akron loss, Richmond had wrapped up the division title.

 We are not sure yet who the Squirrels will play in the first round of the playoffs, but we know it will be a best-of-5, and the first 2 games of the series will be road games for Richmond.


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